The Science of Smell

I read an interesting book review on the science of smell (“Have you read [….]” “No, but I read the review!”), “Scents and Sensibility – What the nose knows” by John Lanchester, in The New Yorker. [click here for the book review] .

The book reviewed is Perfumes: The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. The reviewer uses wine “tasting” as the context of his review.

The book may be of interest to wine professionals, but the review is certainly interesting for anyone who has pondered the mystery of the myriad scents resulting from the fermentation of the fruit of Vitis vinifera.

Excerpt from the review: “The joy of Turin and Sanchez’s book, however, is their ability to write about smell in a way that manages to combine the science of the subject with the vocabulary of scent in witty, vivid descriptions of what these smells are like. Their work is, quite simply, ravishingly entertaining, and it passes the high test that their praise is even more compelling than their criticism.”


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