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WineMad for Mobile Devices

March 11, 2008

WineMad added a new feature today, the link WineMad for Mobile Devices.  WineMad uses the link to view the site on our iPod Touch.   Give it a try!

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Auto-translating non-English Wine Blogs

February 19, 2008

Tonight we added some non-English wine blogs to WineMad. Auto-translation features of Yahoo Pipes (for titles) and Google (for articles) were used to make the posts available in English.

The titles link to the Google English translation, but Google provides the link to the post in the original language, so those fluent in that language can read the original version of the text.

The translations are predictably sub-optimal, but hopefully some good information will be made available to those of us whose foreign language facility is but a couple years of college French.

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