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Torrontes and Quiche

February 17, 2008

This morning Mrs. WineMad baked some terrific bacon and arugula quiches (click here for the recipe from Epicurious) as a means to use up a bounty of arugula that came from where I know not, but the outcome was delicious and satisfying. Washed down the quiche with Pannotia Vineyards Torrontes 2005 (thanks, Gary!). Notes of spearmint (Wrigley’s??), pineapple, apricot, medium-bodied, a good accompaniment to the quiche. (Note: the wine had been opened previously and corked in the fridge for an unknown length of time.)

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Elio Altare, Dolcetto d’Alba 2006

January 28, 2008

Elio Altare, Dolcetto d’Alba 2006 with tortellini and pesto.

WineMad‘s first Dolcetto, from the venerable barolo producer, Elio Altare. Tasting notes: on first sniff, notes of children’s vitamins! Decanted. Nose evolved quite a lot over a few hours. Fruity and pleasant with some depth, good QPR.

Restocking the cellar

January 27, 2008

WineMad took a road trip yesterday from scenic Bucks County, PA, up to The Wine Library (WL) in North Jersey to pick up a pre-ordered case of mixed reds (WL is not allowed to ship to PA), WineMad’s Christmas present to ourselves. WineMad entrusted the selection to WL. The selection looks fine and the case filled a gaping holidays-induced void in the premium wine section of WineMad’s modest cellar.

WL’s wine selection and prices are great, of course. However, the small gourmet section of the store is impressive, too, and WL obviously devotes a good deal attention to the cheese selections. WL features cheeses that are not readily available at Wegmans, WineMad’s go-to gourmet food store. Many cheese samples were available and were sampled at WL by WineMad.

One of the helpful wine staff took a wine futures order from WineMad and said that many customers from PA (where WineMad resides) order online and then stop in to pick up some cheeses and other delectables along with their order.

WineMad sampled two of the wines purchased. These were moderately-priced selections WineMad made from the WL stock and were not part of the pre-ordered case:

2006 Owen Roe Sharecropper’s Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley: fruity, tannins not excessive, paired well with some tenderloins we grilled up. $19, good QPR, would buy again.

2006 CLONE 5 Pinot Noir Central Coast: light colored, fruity, easy drinking and delicious. $18, great QPR

Cheeses purchased from WL and sampled at Chez WineMad with a loaf of wonderfully crusty Pane Pugliese:

Other cheeses purchased to be sampled Real Soon Now:

  • Camembert Chatelain
  • Walserstoltz

Suggestions for Wine/Food Pairings

January 17, 2008

Tonight I was listening to Grape Radio’s Wine and Cheese Pairing show and I realized that, as the WineMad search engine is limited to wine-related sites, putting in a query for an entree you are planning for dinner — chicken cacciatore, for example — should return suggestions for a wine to enjoy with your meal.

Alternatively, you could query for a wine you’d like to open and are looking for a food pairing suggestion, just use the wine with “pairing” in your query: tempranillo pairing.

This leads naturally to the addition of another refinement to the WineMad wine reviews search engine: food pairing… watch for that feature to be added to WineMad search in the near future!

Update: food pairing refinement added: to use it, search for your wine or food, then click the food pairing refinement. Without a lot of testing, WineMad’s best guess is the best strategy is to keep your wine searches limited to wine type rather than a specific label and vintage.

Beef Fondue

January 2, 2008

New Year’s day supper was a beef tenderloin cubed for fondue, then speared with tiny forks and simmered in peanut oil, served with a honey mustard sauce and a horseradish sauce.

Wines paired:

2004 Bogle Vineyards Phantom
– $18

Hess Collection Cabernet 2001 – $38