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Corrected date sort for additions of new blogs

January 21, 2008

WineMad had the issue that, as new wine blogs were added, they tended to swamp the list of WineMad‘s display of aggregated reviews until newly published content appears at the top of the list. A change was made to the date sort feature that may correct this issue, let’s watch and see if it corrects the new blog additions swamp problem!

Update: WineMad now features a longer list of articles — approx. one week’s worth for the “All Wines” list — and the swamping problem should no longer occur.  Despite the increased content, the site still loads fairly quickly, which is always a primary goal of WineMad.


Note: WineMad makes every effort to credit authors of wine reviews featured on WineMad. This blog’s blogroll features most of the sites that appear in the reviews list; if your blog is not credited in the blogroll or if you would like your content added to the WineMad reviews feature and search engine, just email winemad08 at yahoo dot com and we will add your content after a brief review of it’s appropriateness.