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Twitter, Qik, and wine

March 25, 2008

WineMad saw some wild live tech demos over the weekend: Gary Vaynerchuk and some tech luminaries did some live broadcasting from the DeLoach Winery in California.

On Friday night, Robert Scoble and Kevin Rose were simulcasting a visit to DeLoach using Qik; WineMad noticed the tweets and was able to see both videos simultaneously — the sound was nearly synched, with just a hint of echo. Click here for one video, and several listed here.

Scoble documented the tweet-invitation party on the subsequent evening at this link: Wine and Web Party, thanks to Twitter and DeLoach winery.

It was truly amazing to watch a live broadcast originating from a cell phone, and also to see the power of Twitter in action.

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WineMad for Mobile Devices

March 11, 2008

WineMad added a new feature today, the link WineMad for Mobile Devices.  WineMad uses the link to view the site on our iPod Touch.   Give it a try!

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Is Web 3.0 here?

March 8, 2008

Wine 2.0” is a fairly well-established concept in the wine blog world, and there are some posts on “Wine 3.0“.

Twine is the most promising application of semantic web technologies — sometimes called “Web 3.0” (I know, I know…) — that WineMad has seen. Twine is presently in beta mode, and WineMad is on the wait list.

For a great introduction to the power of Twine, click here to see Robert Scoble’s interview with Nova Spivack, CEO of Radar Networks, creators of Twine.

WineMad will post more about Twine after we get access to the beta. Go to to register for the Twine beta. Click here for Nova Spivack’s blog.

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