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New Wine Search Engine, Able Grape

February 15, 2008

Today, via WineMad, I saw the SF Chronicle’s Sipping News article (click here to read) about a new wine search engine, Able Grape at

This is a serious wine research tool. A search of tempranillo returns about 120K hits. The search results can be filtered in several ways, e.g., research, tasting notes, varietal info, and more.

There is a supporting blog at Very well done!

Read wine reviews from around the web at


Shiraz Petit Verdot

February 2, 2008

Note to self: seek out some Shiraz Petit Verdot (click here for reviews with tasting notes). This based on a review, Camden Park Shiraz Petit Verdot – (2/2/2008), that popped up on

LoveThatWine labeled it a Really bold red, which suits WineMad well.

Suggestions for Wine/Food Pairings

January 17, 2008

Tonight I was listening to Grape Radio’s Wine and Cheese Pairing show and I realized that, as the WineMad search engine is limited to wine-related sites, putting in a query for an entree you are planning for dinner — chicken cacciatore, for example — should return suggestions for a wine to enjoy with your meal.

Alternatively, you could query for a wine you’d like to open and are looking for a food pairing suggestion, just use the wine with “pairing” in your query: tempranillo pairing.

This leads naturally to the addition of another refinement to the WineMad wine reviews search engine: food pairing… watch for that feature to be added to WineMad search in the near future!

Update: food pairing refinement added: to use it, search for your wine or food, then click the food pairing refinement. Without a lot of testing, WineMad’s best guess is the best strategy is to keep your wine searches limited to wine type rather than a specific label and vintage.

Timely wine search: bubblies that are a good value!

December 29, 2007

Just in time for New Year celebrations, this search showcases a powerful feature of the WineMad wine review search engine:

champagne, best value.

The WineMad search engine searches over 800 wine-related websites and blogs. It also has two ways to narrow your search: by tasting notes and by best value.

Here is the search, above, narrowed by “tasting notes” rather than “best value”, note the difference in retrieval:

champagne, tasting notes.

Cheers, and Happy New Year from WineMad.

Hello World, from WineMad

November 22, 2007

This is the blog of a new wine review tracking service and search engine at WineMad is currently a Google Custom Search Engine that searches over 800 wine blogs and web sites dedicated to wine. Wine merchant sites – which tend to dominate Google search results – have been intentionally omitted from the search engine if they don’t offer ratings; this increases findability of wine reviews.

There are currently two refinement links on the search results pages: one for tasting notes, and one for best value.

Try the refinements for a search for Malbec: tasting notesbest value.

Coming soon at Reviews of wines collected from blogs and wine columns as they appear, categorized by red or white!